Benefits of visiting a dentist regularly

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It is important to visit a dentist regularly to rule out any prior dental illness, before it gets manifested in the mouth, causing severe pain and infection.

Oral and general health Screening:

Mouth is the mirror of our body. Many symptoms can be seen in the mouth, before the disease can be manifested in the body. Many of the skin diseases, viral infections, Diabetes-mellitus are some conditions which can be seen earlier inside our mouth.

Few manifestations of viral infections in and around the mouth

General health screening Oral health screening

Preventive Care

A dentist can examine the mouth and check for tooth decay, tartar, any abnormal changes in the gums or tongue or cheek due to a sharp tooth, impacted wisdom teeth etc.

When you visit your dentist once in every six month time, the tooth decays can be identified earlier and filled with appropriate filling materials, so as preventing pain and infection or a root canal treatment in a tooth.

Small pits and caries are cleared, and cavities filled with tooth coloured materials

Dental treatment to prevent oral diseases Oral health preventive care

Dental Scaling:

By examining the gums and tooth surface for tartar and plaque, it’s easier to get a scaling and polishing done, thereby maintaining good and healthy gums. If gum disease is not identified earlier and treated, people tend to lose the tooth due to poor gums support and infections that set in.

Dental Scaling

Replacement of missing tooth:

Missing tooth can be replaced by implants or removable dentures or fixed bridges, so as to avoid movement and tilting of tooth into the empty spaces. Whenever there is a missing tooth, teeth tend to move into spaces. So it’s best to go for replacements.

Missing tooth treatment with dental bridges Missing tooth Replacement

Wisdom teeth & impactions

Wisdom teeth if not erupting properly or wrongly positioned, can be surgically removed when patient is free of symptoms. This will avoid patient getting apprehensive with pain and swelling, when the teeth are trying to erupt in insufficient space. They also pose danger to the adjacent tooth many at times.

Different positions of the lower wisdom tooth, which requires surgical intervention

Wisdom tooth

Cancer screening

Early stages of cancer or pre-cancerous lesions like white lesions or abnormal growth can be identified on a regular visit. Many at times sharp tooth injury irritate the gums or cheek causing them to overgrow as a tumour. If diagnosed early, the sharp tooth is either smoothened or in the worst case extracted. Pre-cancerous lesions can be surgically removed thereby giving more peaceful life time for the patient.

Cancer screening Cancer screening

Patient education

It’s easier for the doctor to educate the patients on oral hygiene practice, which if followed properly will reduce the number of visits in the future. Preventive dentistry is the best, it saves a lot of time and money, hence visit the dentist regularly.

Dental treatments

General Dentistry

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