Possible Dental Services for Teeth Replacement

Possible Dental Services for Teeth Replacement

To a reputable dental clinic in Dubai, a number of patients make a visit to ask what they should choose for teeth replacement needs. Lost or missing teeth are served with a number of dental procedures by expert dentists. But with respect to individual needs, a procedure of teeth replacement is determined. For instance, a single missing tooth can be either served by an implant or a bridge. But it is not necessarily true that every dental patient with such needs has to be served with only one of these procedures. With complete dental examination, a dentist will suggest the patients to get served in their tooth replacement needs. Since there are number of dental procedures available for such needs, you will find the most suitable procedure for teeth restoration.

Let’s take a look at the range of teeth replacement options available in modern times:


With improvements in dentistry over time, dentures available as a teeth replacement option are improvements of their past forms. Patients served with modern quality dentures find them comfortable and easy to use. In cases when people have the entire row of teeth missing in their mouth, dentists suggest use of full dentures. Such loss of teeth can be because of some critical dental disease. But with full dentures, artificial teeth can be used to complete the teeth structure. Similarly, there are partial dentures to replace one or many teeth across the teeth structure.

Dental Bridge

Having two – three teeth missing within the teeth structure is best served with a dental bridge, which is a prosthetic bridge created to cover the space of missing teeth. With advance surgical procedure, you can get the missing teeth restored with a bridge. Use of both dentures and a bridge has their own advantages and cons. So, a dental expert can tell you well about such needs.


In case of missing tooth or even teeth, dental implants gives the patient with more natural teeth structure for a longer time. While dentures can be removed as per convenience, implants are fixed teeth replacement solutions served by expert dentists.

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