Deep teeth cleaning cause Loose Teeth. Myth or True?

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Well the answer to this very old and “still a common” myth is false. The cleaning of teeth can never result in loosening of teeth, it rather prevents the teeth from mobility. The procedure is mainly of two types, namely, manual hand scaling (cleaning) and ultrasonic cleaning. Teeth cleaning in Dubai is mainly ultrasonic, that is, basically done with water pressure.

There is a reason for this long standing myth. The gums are responsible for providing the stability to teeth. Healthy gums prevent loosening of teeth. Maintenance of hygiene of teeth as well as gums is important. Brushing regularly for any number of times is not enough,also, a proper brushing technique is a vital step in hygiene of your mouth overall. Improper brushing techniques leads to accumulation of soft deposits of our daily meals. Moreover, if the deposits stays for longer it gets hardened and acts as a base for further deposits.

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As the deposits gets thicker and harder, it pushes the gums away from teeth, which as mentioned above is mainly responsible for prevention of mobility. Now, instead of gums, the deposits holds the teeth in place. This is solely responsible for the initial mobility that is experienced soon after first sitting of cleaning. This is transient and as the gums move towards their original position, the overall health of teeth is restored.

There can be some amount of mobility that is experienced soon after scaling is done and lasts for one to two weeks. If regular dental visits are made even this amount of mobility is not seen , the above picture comes into play when the visits are ignored and hygiene is not maintained, which if further ignored you can even lead to some long term treatment planning. Contact our dentist in Dubai to book an appointment now.

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