Simple Mediterranean Diet for Best Dental Health Care

Mediterranean Diet for Best Dental Health Care

A Mediterranean diet is a diet rich in beans, nuts, olive oil, fish, fruits, and vegetables. As per historical reports, this diet is consumed by people residing in areas around the Mediterranean Sea. Eating practices are considered best for health, especially for your heart. The Mediterranean diet also promotes good health for teeth, gums, and bones and prevents chronic illnesses. The amount of bad cholesterol is found to be low in this diet. The diet helps in the maintenance of a healthy weight and adds to healthy years of life.

According to researchers, around 30 percent of deaths due to heart attacks and strokes can be easily prevented by switching to a Mediterranean diet. This diet includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which indicates that it is highly rich in vitamins and minerals.

How does it benefit your teeth?

On average the people in the Mediterranean region eat nine servings of vegetables and fruits on an everyday basis. Fruits such as oranges, pears, kiwis, and vegetables such as broccoli, and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin C which plays an important role in maintaining healthy gums.

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Proper Diet for Healthy Dental Care:

Food items such as onions, grape seeds, green tea, parsley, herb mints, and mushrooms are beneficial for teeth. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons stimulate the production of saliva and hence benefit teeth and gums. Saliva helps in the remineralization process of teeth, especially enamel, which is the main hard outer component of teeth. It also helps in clearing away the food debris in the mouth that is left after meals. Thus by helping in remineralization, this diet prevents the teeth from decay and cavities.


Fish contributes more towards good heart health as compared to red meat. Fish is the key source of protein in the Mediterranean diet. It is also good for teeth as it is the main source of dietary Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in keeping the bones and teeth healthy.

The Mediterranean diet also includes dairy products like skimmed milk, fat-free yogurt, and low-fat cheese. Dairy products increase salivary production and are a good source of calcium and phosphorus. These also help in the neutralization of the acidic plaque and thus inhibit bacterial growth. The calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium in dairy products help in the prevention of demineralization of teeth and help in the prevention of cavities.


Rice and whole-grain pasta are also popular components of this diet.

White bread and bread products are NOT included in this diet as these are composed of simple sugars. The sugars serve to be good food for the bacteria and increase plaque deposition. Plaque on teeth houses millions of bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and cavities that can further lead to serious infections if left untreated.


Thus, the Mediterranean diet is a balanced diet composed of vegetables, fruits, and olive oil and is easy to follow. The main reason for the success of this diet is the Mediterranean lifestyle to remain active and eat in moderate proportions.

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