Forget Smoking and prevent Oral cancer

Forget Smoking and prevent Oral cancer

Smoking is injurious to health, smoking kills, smoking causes cancer…..these are some common
statements which we get to see every other day. In spite of so much of warnings many people don’t
take them seriously. Smoking causes heart disorders, lung disease & cancer, and oral cancer. Many
people are not aware of oral cancer as much as they do with heart attacks and lung disease.

Every puff of smoke fills a smoker’s mouth before being inhaled by the lungs. The highest
concentration of toxic substances is therefore found in the mouth, where the mucous membranes
come under attack. Most oral cancers begin in the cells that line the inside of the mouth.

Dentists are in a very good position to diagnose pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth. They can help
educate the person to stop smoking by explaining to them about the consequences. White lesions or
fibrous lesions on the cheek can be some precancerous stages that cannot be missed out by any

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Dental professionals can go further then prevention too. Since some tumours are often hidden
dentists are becoming the first line of attack in the fight against mouth cancer. We are perfectly
placed to catch mouth cancers early enough to make a difference to a person’s survival and quality
of life.

A no smoking day can be organised and camps can be conducted for creating awareness and
educating patients on ill- effects of smoking. Patients can be suggested with chewing gums or
rehabilitation centres that can help with quitting smoking habits.

We need to make sure that patients are aware that quitting smoking dramatically reduces their
chances of developing mouth cancer and a large range of other potentially fatal health problems.
Family members can be notified and encouraged to motivate patients from quitting smoking. This
will ensure support and encouragement to keep the person motivated from forgoing the habit.

People who stop using tobacco, even after many years of use, can greatly reduce their risk of all
smoking related illnesses, including oral cancer. Smokers will start to see the benefit of quitting
within twenty minutes of their last cigarette when blood pressure drops and the temperature of
hands and feet increase to normal.

Some common measures used to stop smoking are smoking reduction, patient counselling and drug
treatment such as Nicotine replacement therapy.

The risk of most health problems from smoking, including cancer and heart and lung disease, can be
lowered by stopping smoking. People of all ages can improve their health if they quit smoking.
Quitting at a younger age will improve a person’s health even more. People who quit smoking cut
their risk of lung cancer by 30% to 50% after 10 years compared to people who keep smoking, and
they cut their risk of cancer of the mouth or oesophagus in half within 5 years after quitting.

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