What is dental implant Osseo-integration?

Dental Implants have been revolutionizing the dental field, as one of the best option for replacement of a missing tooth. They are the only means where a natural tooth can be mimicked in both parts of the crown and root. The reason for the tremendous success of the dental implants is the phenomenon called Osseo-integration. This is a natural process of fusion of bone to the titanium implants that are placed surgically inside the jaw. Osseo-integration is not only observed in dental implants, it’s however also seen, when implants are used in case of joint replacements due to bone fractures and facial reconstruction procedures in other parts of our body.

What is Osseo-integration?

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Osseo-integration is derived from a Greek word where “Osseo” refers to bone and “Integrate” refers to fuse or become as one. So Osseo-Integration is the process of the fusion of the jaw bone to the surgically placed titanium implants.

How does this happen?

The inflammatory process that follows the implant’s surgical placement, helps in the formation of immediate collagen fibres to entangle in the minor holes of the titanium implants. This is the first initial step that marks the fusion.

How long is the process?

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After about a week or two, the dead bone cells are being replaced by new bone cells which slowly form depositing around the titanium implant structure. These soft and hard bony tissues, grow around the implant, offering it the required stability and durability as per the individual occlusal forces. This entire process takes about four to six months’ time to complete. By the end of six months, the implant becomes a part of the jaw bone and gums, replacing a missing tooth. Once the implant is completely fused to the bone, it is fully functional and is ready for the final abutment and the crown.

Types of implants and materials

Implants are basically of two types. Most commonly used are the Endosteal implants which are either screw type (threaded) or cylinder type (smooth) resembling tooth root structure. These are surgically placed just under the jaw bone and allowed to heal by Osseo-integration. Other type sub-periosteal implants is less commonly used. These are used to offer support to dentures or bridges and are supported under the gum tissue on the bone. Implants are made of metals which are either pure Titanium or titanium alloys, or inert ceramics like zirconium, aluminium and bioactive glasses and ceramics.

Importance of Osseo-Integration

Osseo-integration is the key process that determines the success of the implants. It gives the implant the best stability, strength and durability to act functionally like a natural teeth. If there is improper Osseo-integration then dental implants will fail performing well as expected.

Success tips of dental implants

Osseo-integration is a natural phenomenon that occurs by itself, as long as the patient has good oral health and hygiene. Habits like smoking and certain medical conditions like diabetes do interfere with Osseo-integration process. Hence it is important for patients to follow instructions of the dentist, before and after surgery

To get the best successful dental implants done, with excellent Osseo-integration

Choose our knowledgeable and experienced dental implant surgeons at Oris dental center. We assure the state of the art facilities and excellent sterilisation procedures, which avoids any post-surgical complications.

Refrain from habits like alcohol and smoking few months before and after implant placement.

Usage of recommended mouthwash, to maintain very good oral hygiene.

Re-visit on scheduled appointments for oral prophylaxis and check-ups.

Continue to brush and floss your teeth regularly, to keep away from caries and infection.

Check with us on anything unusual at the earliest.

Do call us at Oris for any further clarifications and details on dental implants.

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