Single dental implants for a missing tooth

women with missing teeth

A smile creates a beautiful face and a happy heart. Wearing our best smile is the universal language of expressing our love and kindness towards others. What an embarrassing situation is it to lose your smile because of a missing tooth? Especially when it is the front tooth that is missing and seen obviously, is when your heart and face becomes gloomy and sad. At Oris we serve to get back your best smile with a broad range of implant systems to offer.

Components of single dental implants:

dental implants components

Implants have a root component that is either made of titanium/titanium alloys screw or ceramic, and is embedded inside the jaw bone under local anaesthesia. Once the Osseo-integration (effective bonding on the bone and the implant) completes after a period of 3-4 months, the abutment is placed and is loaded with either a porcelain fused metal or zirconia crown. The implant then becomes fully functional like any other natural tooth.

What are the benefits of single dental implants to replace a missing tooth?

Dental implants are long lasting, and resemble a natural tooth.

Since implants mimic the root structure of a tooth, they help to maintain bone integrity in the region of lost tooth. Opting for a bridge or partial denture do results in bone deterioration over the years.

Implants save your neighbouring teeth, which has to be compromised when you go in for a bridge. Bridges are done taking support from the neighbouring teeth, to hold them in place.

Implants are easy to maintain with good oral hygiene.

No one ever knows that you are wearing an implant, because they look very natural and beautiful.

They boost up your confidence and self-esteem.

Procedure for placing a single dental implant:

fixed single dental implants

On your first visit, a careful clinical assessment of the bone is done by our dental team using required bone scans and radiographs. Our implantologist, Dr. Hussain Al Saleh, will recommend several implant alternatives based on the type of bone and healing in the missing tooth area. Implant procedure is very simple and can be done either on the same day or with a window period of 3-6 months.

Under local anaesthesia and with strict asepsis protocol, the implant screw (titanium/titanium alloy/ceramic) is surgically placed into the jaw bone. For patients who are very anxious about surgical procedures, sedation anaesthesia is used at Oris.  A period of three to six months is usually given for the bone to Osseo-integrate with the new implant. During this period temporary tooth replacements are done, to assure the best comfort to the patients. The implant is covered during this period, of which the patient is totally unaware over the time.

After satisfactory healing of the implant and bone, the restorative phase is done where the choice of abutment is fixed, followed by the crown which is either zirconia or porcelain metal fused. The implant looks so natural that you yourself will not be able to differentiate it with your natural tooth.


drilling to fix dental implants

Our centre is well equipped with state of art facilities to serve our patients to their best choice and satisfaction. We are the pioneers of ceramic implants and specialize in superior quality zirconia crowns. If you have a missing tooth and an embarrassing smile, please do not hesitate to call us at Oris for a consultation. We here at Oris assure you the best smile ever, with excellent single dental implant options to suit your choice.

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