Immediate loaded implants – a Royal replacement for your missing tooth

Immediate loaded implants – a Royal replacement for your missing tooth | Dental Implants in Dubai

Are you worried about losing your tooth? Immediate loaded implants offer you a good solution. They are very commonly used to replace front teeth, immediately after extraction. Missing a front tooth can be very embarrassing for a patient, immediate loaded implants pave the pathway for an aesthetically pleasant appearance, thereby giving the patient a confident smile.

What are immediate loaded implants or same day implants?

These same day implants are implanted immediately following an extraction, into the fresh socket. Many at times they are loaded with the crown so as to give a pleasing appearance. Since the bone has to be formed around the new implant, it is very much mandatory to keep the area free of chewing forces for many weeks together. Disturbing them with masticatory forces, do not allow the implant to become stable in the socket. This is one common reason, as to why the front tooth is often chosen for this royal replacement.

In cases where an upper or lower jaw has to be replaced, four implants are loaded at one go and a denture is made to fit over them. Due to different biomechanics, mild chewing forces can be well tolerated by the implants.

Who are ideal patients for immediate loaded implants?

  • Young & healthy patients
  • Patients who are non-smokers
  • Non-diabetic
  • Good periodontal status with healthy bone that can grow well

As such, there is no absolute contra-indication to immediate loading implants. The patients have to be chosen on a case by case basis. He or She should not have any aggravating factors that will lead to an implant failure.

Immediate loaded dental implant

Immediate loading of an implant after extraction and crown abutment loaded provisionally.

Missing Tooth Fixing immediate loaded implant Teeth after fixing dental implant

Benefits of these implants and their success rates.

These implants are advantageous over the conservative ones in terms of a waiting period. Conservative implants need about 3-5 months for the bone to be formed. After that, loading and abutment placement will take another 1-2 months. There is not only a prolonged waiting period but at the same time, there is some amount of bone resorption or loss that occurs during that period. The success rates are no different from the conservative implants when the suitability is accessed properly and the prognosis is well determined for the patient. Any compromise in the periodontal (gums and bone) status, will very likely make the implant unstable in the socket and lead to failure.

The whole process of extracting a tooth and placing an immediate loading implant will take about two hours. Extraction of a tooth is an invasive procedure, but loading an implant is relatively simpler. Depending upon the location and extensive procedure performed, the patient can expect to have some swelling and pain in that region for a few days to a week or so.

It is advisable to have a follow up after a week of the procedure with your oral surgeon. Regular follow-ups and visits are necessary so as to maintain proper periodontal health, and at the same time to check if the implants are well in their place and fused well with the bone.

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