Dental Implants Give Back Your Smile

Dental Implants Give Back Your Smile | Dental Implants In Dubai


Get a perfect smile

A sudden incident that has knocked your teeth off or a tooth extraction can begin to be an embarrassment when we recover from the incident and start interacting with people around. When the front teeth get knocked off, the embarrassment is further augmented. You wanted to smile tight lipped and laughing out loud is simply rule out. Losing a tooth can be an emotional trauma too.

Importance of smile

It does not come as a surprise when many surveys point to the fact that a beautiful smile works magic in anyone’s career and professional life. People with attractive smile leave a lasting impression on people.

Importance of Beautiful Smile


Options available to restore your smile

There are many options available to restore your beautiful smile. If your dental region has many missing teeth, dentures can restore your smile. But the comical sounds the dentures would make and the occasional slippages can cause you even more embarrassment.

Dental implants help you to restore your smile

The option that receives a perfect thumbs-up is to go in for dental implants. They are indeed the best solution for either single tooth missing or multiple teeth missing.

Can everyone with missing single tooth or multiple teeth get dental implants?

Well, this depends on the outcome of the evaluation done by your dentist. It is imperative that the patient speaks about his or her medical conditions quite frankly (as per medical records) with the dentist. Particularly for people with diabetes and heart conditions, they need to specify their underlying medical conditions to the evaluating dentist. Also your dentist needs to be informed of any medication you may be under.

Advantages of Dental Implants

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that dental implants are near equivalent to your natural teeth. As they get fused to the jaw bones naturally (osseo-integration), they are very stable. When the implants are fixed with crowns that look natural on the abutments, they are hard to distinguish from the natural tooth. The other important advantages offered by dental implants are

  • Patients can eat any kind of food, hard and semi-hard alike.
  • The jaw bone recession is stopped henceforth as the dental implants now provides the necessary pressure to sustain the remaining jaw bones.
  • The facial structure of the patients which was sagging without teeth now gets a sudden lift.
  • Dental implants can last a life term too depending on how best dental hygiene is maintained.
  • Patients can smile, talk and laugh with greater confidence as they do not carry the embarrassment of having a missing tooth.
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