Benefits of placing Immediate dental implants

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Dental implants have been used for rehabilitation of missing teeth for 40 years. It is considered the best option for replacing teeth, better than the fixed partial dentures.

Even after being considered as the best replacement option, implant is still avoided due to many reasons. The main reason is the long treatment duration and numerous appointments.

Recently, there is an increase in the practice of immediate implant placement. This technique is beneficial for the patients as well as the dental practitioner.

The immediate placement of implants offers the following advantages:

  1. Reduced time of treatment:

Placement of the restoration on the day of extraction will reduce the duration of treatment.

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  1. Better Predictability of results:

It is always desirable by a dental practitioner as well as patient to have a predictability that is good. The main reason is omitting the need of second surgical sitting and also reduced risk of resorbed ridges (reduced height of jaw bone as a good bone).

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  1. Simplified Procedure:

Reducing the two-stage surgery to single stage simplifies the procedure as all the required arrangements for single-step surgery are made prior to it.

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  1. Increased satisfaction of patients:

When the single surgery is performed, the tissues gain their final desired appearance in a shorter time and hence patients are satisfied with quicker results.

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  1. Better Aesthetics:

    The soft tissues around the implant have better aesthetics following a single step surgery, giving the tooth a more natural appearance.
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  1. Better stability:

Immediate implant placement prevents the resorption of the alveolar bone or the jaw bone and maintains a good bone height. All these factors favor the integration of implant with the jaw bone and hence add to the stability.

At last, the success of every dental procedure is influenced by a lot of factors that involve careful patient selection and treatment planning that can vary with every other case.

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