More Information on Immediately-loaded Dental Implants

More Information on Immediately-loaded Dental Implants | Dental Implants in Dubai


More about Immediately Loaded Dental Implants

Trauma to the face can affect the dental area. A violent fall, road or rail accidents or injuries that occur when playing your favorite sports can at times badly affect your teeth that they cannot be salvaged. Similarly a prolonged bad oral hygiene can decay your tooth beyond a point that salvaging with root canal treatment has now become impossible.

All the above situations warrant tooth or teeth extraction. After the extraction process is over, it can be followed by placing immediately-loaded dental implants in the extracted area. For this reason an Immediately-loaded dental implants is also called Same Day Implants. But as with any procedure, the dentist would evaluate and decide if the patient can be given an Immediately-loaded dental implant.

Procedures for placing Immediately-loaded dental implants

Scenario-1 – Extraction of a single tooth

If a single tooth is being extracted for whatever reasons, then the gap created after extraction is used to place a single Immediately-loaded dental implant. The gap is perfect enough to load the Immediately-loaded dental implant with a crown too. One important rider is the regular mastication process can interfere with the osseo-integration process and hence the patient should restrain from eating any hard or semi-hard food for couple of weeks.

More Information on Immediately-loaded Dental Implants

The patient would undergo a periodic dental check and during one of those check-up the dentists can ascertain if the surrounding jaw bone near the newly laid Immediately-loaded dental implant has indeed integrated firmly. Basis this report and the go ahead from the dentist the patient can resume normal mastication of food.

Scenario-2 – Extraction of a multiple tooth

If many teeth are being extracted, and all teeth in the upper and lower jaw are being rehabilitated, 4 Immediately-loaded dental implants are inserted in one jaw on the same day. Because the biomechanics is different, the patient can be subjected to mild mastication.

Immediately- loaded Multiple Dental Implants

Who all can receive Immediately-loaded dental?

Anyone who are not very senior, who do not smoke, who are free of any gum diseases or who are left with sufficient bone in the jaw are fit to receive Immediately-loaded dental implants after an extraction.

But in most of the cases, this ideal scenario does not always happen. Hence the dentist would evaluate every patient individually and arrive at a decision to give Immediately-loaded dental implants.

Can the Immediately-loaded dental implants fail?

One factor that needs to be remembered is risks are always present and even for a fit patient sometimes any implant can fail. The risk percentage for both the normal dental implants and the Immediately-loaded dental implants are the same.

But it is generally agreed that patients with poor oral hygiene and any existing periodontal conditions can increase the risk of failure. Your dentist should anyways evaluate before suggesting Immediately-loaded dental implants.

How many dental visits or sittings are required for getting the Immediately-loaded dental implants?

For the actual procedure of extraction and then inserting the Immediately-loaded dental implant into the fresh extraction socket, it should take around two hours and should get completed on the same day. After the Immediately-loaded dental implant is placed, the dentist would place a freshly done chair-side temporary dental crown. Remember that is why it is called Same Day Implants.

Coping after the placement of Immediately-loaded dental implants

The patient can develop swelling in the dental area where the Immediately-loaded dental implants were placed. Manifestation of pain is pretty normal. Sometimes mild bruising can also appear. All of the above conditions are normal.

How many post-surgical visit is required after getting the Immediately-loaded dental implants?

Generally the dental surgeon might ask you to come after a week to ascertain the condition of the healing of the tissues surrounding the Immediately-loaded dental implants. The dental surgeon might check how well the implant is undergoing osseo-integration.

Usually the number of dental visit depends on the period of healing. This is because every individual would show difference in healing based on their health and other conditions. In the long run, a regular visit normal dental visit would suffice.

Important benefits of Immediately-loaded dental implants

Single Dental Implant

  • In conservative treatments, the patient has to wait 3-6 months after the tooth is extracted to get the implant. And post that waiting period, the dental implants would be placed and there is another waiting period of 3 months to allow the bone integration to take place with the implant. This is fairly a longer period. So the greatest benefit of Immediately-loaded dental implants is the time factor.
  • Another biggest advantage the Immediately-loaded dental implants offer is, there is no alveolar bone loss after the extraction as there is literally no waiting period.
  • The aesthetics of the dental area is immediately restored and hence the patient need not worry about the aesthetics of their smile.
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