5 Reasons Why Water is the Best Drink for Your Teeth

Human body is 60 percent water. There is no better drink than water for the human body. It helps in flushing out of toxins, keeps us hydrated, is good for skin and muscles.

As mentioned above, apart from benefitting body, water is beneficial for your oral health as well.

Habit of drinking water should be inculcated in childhood. Here are some tips to help inculcate this habit:

  • Give a water mug or container to your kid and make them understand that it is only to drink water. This makes them excited for the activity of drinking water .
  • Track this activity with the help of colorful stickers or charts to make it interesting and engaging.
  • Make sure you drink water in your container too so that they feel inspired to do so because kids tend to learn what they see.
  1. Source of Strength

Drinking water with appropriate levels of fluoride acts as an anti-cavity agent for teeth, especially in children. It has been evidenced through studies that fluoride positively impacts teeth by acting as anti-cavity agent and also prevents plaque deposition on teeth.

2. Prevents dry mouth:

Dry mouth favors tooth decay and bacterial growth. The minerals in saliva provide us with the defense mechanism against bacteria. Drinking water aids in saliva production, also helping to wash away the food residues.

3. Aids in keeping mouth clean:

Drinking water after meals helps you flush out the tiny debris out. The leftover debris acts as a house of bacteria and can further lead to tooth destruction or cavity development. On the other hand, drinking sugary fluids or drinks will lead to deposition of sugars on teeth that causes tooth decay.

4. Helps against bad breath:

The most common reason for morning bad breath is dry mouth, the load of bacteria is at work to cause bad breath. Drinking water properly throughout the day will help you overcome the morning bad breath.

4. A calorie free drink:

There is no sugar in water!! Drinking a good quantity of water provides us with a lot of benefits and at the same time maintaining your weight and a good metabolism.

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