A dentist or an Oral surgeon – when it comes to extractions

A dentist or an Oral surgeon – when it comes to extractions

Extraction of teeth is one thing which makes the patient apprehensive. They do not like the thought of losing a tooth. So it’s not surprising when patients expect good hands for an extraction. Especially when it is an emergency procedure, patients do look out for the best surgeons.

Both general dentists and oral surgeons are well trained to perform extractions. So how do we know whom to choose? It depends on the type of procedure involved and amount of work required to surgically remove a tooth.

When there is a problem with any of your teeth, approach your family dentist first. Depending on the complexity of the extraction involved your dentist will decide if a surgeon is required for the procedure or not.

A dentist can determine the severity of the condition by an x-ray and oral examination of the tooth. If the tooth extraction is straight forward and not so complex, and if it can be removed under local anaesthesia, your family dentist can do the extraction as per the convenience.

If the dentist decides that an oral surgeon is necessary, most dental clinics have their oral surgeons attached. A separate appointment may be required to see them and get the procedure done.

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Reasons for Referral to an Oral Surgeon
Impacted Teeth: If the wisdom teeth or the canines are impacted below the gum line, then surgical removal is required. This will involve placing an incision, raising flap, some bone removal and then extraction of the impacted tooth, followed by sutures. This is a typical surgery, which will definitely require the presence of an oral surgeon. Procedure can be done both in local or general anaesthesia.

Facial Structure: The positioning of your teeth in your mouth may make it difficult for a dentist to perform the extraction without causing discomfort. Things like large sinuses, or limited jaw mobility necessitate an extraction by an oral surgeon.

Cracked or Fractured Teeth: Cracked or fractured teeth are more likely to break on extraction. Hence it is necessary to get the able hands of an oral surgeon. This is more common with a root canal treated tooth, when it demands removal due to infection.

Dental Anxiety: Irrespective of the tooth condition, anxious patients may require able hands of an oral surgeon. When general anaesthesia is required, always look for a trained anaesthetist.

Extraction Complications: Some tooth are bulky with excess surrounding bone, may have complex or curved roots, may have a root fracture etc. Such teeth may impose complications on removal. As much as any dentist strives perfection, things can go wrong during some extractions. An oral surgeon would be of great help in such situations.

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