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An Impressive Smile | Smile Makeover In Duabi

A confident healthy smile is an essential part of any human being. Dressing up beautifully, accessories that are worn to uplift the beauty are all put down if you do not wear a bright beautiful smile. Smile enhances the beauty from within, and it is that which pulls everything together. Broken, crooked, stained or missing teeth reduce the confidence of the person, and detract from your appearance. So how do I wear a bright impressive smile?

We are here to offer you the best solutions and options at Oris Dental Centre.

Sparkling white teeth:

This can be achieved by bleaching. In office bleaching gives excellent results in a single visit. Bleaching systems are effective and long lasting if they are followed up regularly. Teeth whitening can be enhanced to the optimum shade of the patient in just one visit. Follow up with home bleaching can achieve much prolonged beautiful results.

 Digital Dentistry:

Dentures are milled with the help of scanning and software technologies. These help to achieve accurate fit with predictable precision and strength. They are much faster than the conventional methods that are followed. Fixed dentures offer best accurate fit, with very little discomfort to the patients during the procedure. Patients can use them confidently and they are usually very long lasting over about 15 to 20 years life.

Digital crown technology:

Digital crowns are done in a single day visit. Impressions are made more comfortable and the technology and CAD/CAM software helps the patient achieve excellent fit. Crown shade matchings are very natural and the final product is very much realistic and superior. You rarely get to see the difference between it and the natural teeth.

Replacing missing teeth:

Dental implants are the best options to replace missing teeth. Their success rate is very high and has proven to be very long lasting and reliable. Implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. There are immediate loaded single day implants that can be done, following the tooth extraction. They feel very much like your own teeth, look natural and very impressive. They provide excellent security and stability without adding force to the remaining teeth.

At Oris dental centre our aim is to help our patients gain an impressive lovely smile, sparkling white teeth that offers comfort and enhanced beauty to the patient. Do visit us at our clinic to get done with your best smile ever and walk out confidently.

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