Flossing with Braces – is it right or wrong?

flossing teeth with braces

Flossing is a very simple procedure just like brushing your teeth. It can be done by all patients if educated properly. Brushing alone does not remove all the plaque from the teeth, the process gets completed only after flossing. It is highly recommended to floss at least once a day as a routine habit, next to brushing your teeth.

Can I floss when I have my orthodontic appliance (braces) on my teeth?

Of course yes. It is very much essential to take good care of your oral hygiene when you have your orthodontic appliance on your teeth. Since there are a lot of wires and brackets being stuck on to the teeth, it’s very difficult to keep the teeth free of food lodgement. But if hygiene is not maintained properly, then there are possibilities of prolonging the orthodontic treatment, tooth decalcification (white spots), discoloration can occur , cavities may form or gum disease could be a lot troubling. So it is imperative to floss when you have your braces on.

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How do we floss with braces on the teeth?

An orthodontic brush has a tuft of interproximal brush attached to it. So after regular brushing of teeth, it is best to use the interproximal brush to remove the plaque in between the teeth. Floss threads can be used to remove plaque on the under surface of teeth and behind the wire of the braces. This method will help save a lot of time, and still be able to maintain a good dental care routine. It is very much advisable to floss even after removal of the braces, so as to maintain a good gum health.

Alternate method to flossing with braces on

This is called a Water flosser. This method uses a high pressure water source for flossing. It’s an oral health appliance that can be used easily by all patients at home. The water flosser (oral irrigator) has a motor and pump that create a steam of pressurized water to flow through the orthodontic tip, which helps clean the areas between your teeth. This method is very effective in prevention of gum disease.

Lastly have a regular cleaning check-up and session with your dentist or dental hygienist. It is very important to make sure that you maintain good oral health both before and after the orthodontic treatment.

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One response to “Flossing with Braces – is it right or wrong?”

  1. Daniel says:

    My choice is definitely the water flosser when wearing braces. It is very easy to do and you do not have to worry about the floss being tied up in your braces. Why make it more complicated than necessary.

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