How to Care For Your Smile after Invisalign Procedure

How to Care For Your Smile after Invisalign Procedure | Orthodontics In Dubai

People look for diverse dental treatments to get a perfect smile. Particularly in cases of misaligned teeth, they prefer to get served with modern invisalign treatment instead of metal braces. Unlike braces which make the smile look dull and unappealing, invisalign procedure is a modern way of teeth alignment using invisible aligner trays. A common mistake people make is of not caring for their teeth post invisalign procedure.

Even during the time period you are recommended to wear invisible aligners, you need to take care of your teeth for maintaining a beautiful smile.

Here are 3things to keep in mind as a part of your dental care routine:

1. Keeps a Check on Your Diet

With invisalign procedure served by dental experts in Dubai, you are allowing your teeth to readjust and make up a well defined teeth structure. Thus, the choice of food you eat needs to be made accordingly or as directed by the dentist. During the initial few weeks, it will be best to avoid hard food stuff and crunchy items to prevent external pressure over teeth. A well maintained diet post the procedure will lead to long terms benefits and a healthier smile.

2. Regular Brushing and Flossing

Having invisible aligners attached to your teeth does not mean you need to neglect regular brushing. You should regularly brush your teeth as a part of general oral care practices. With regular teeth cleaning, plaque gets removed and you can avoid possible dental problems. If you feel discomfort in your gums post this orthodontic procedure, you can get relieved using regular rinsing with warm water.

3. Use Toothpaste made for Sensitive Teeth

A lot of patients are found with higher teeth sensitivity after invisalign treatment. To feel comfort in such situations, it is recommended to make use of toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

4. Regular Visit to an Orthodontist

To get to know about the improved state of teeth alignment using invisalign, you need to regularly visit your orthodontist. This way, your oral health status can be clearly determined. Plus, the expert dentist will also be recommending you for required changes in your lifestyle as per your oral health status.


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