Invisible Braces or Traditional Braces. Know which suits you!

traditional vs invisible braces

Braces along with the wires have been used traditionally to correct twisted teeth or to correct smiles since ages. The awareness and demand of invisible braces in Dubai is increasing with each passing day.

Metal braces

The metal braces have always proven to be best when it comes to treating severe disparities between teeth or between upper or lower jaw. These have provided excellent results ever since their discovery. The pre and post treatment results with metal braces never fail to amaze the patient as well as their family.

The main concern that comes along with the metal braces is the appearance as well as the discomfort. There is initial pain and discomfort that is experienced since these are fixed and cannot be removed by you as and when required.

Braces however, are not always made up of metal. There are categories of braces which are not visible or are known as clear braces.

Metal braces

1.Clear Braces

The brackets of clear aligners are tooth colored, made up of ceramic. Although invisible but the discomfort is same as metal braces and these are also fixed and cannot be removed as per convenience. The main advantage of this treatment option is that the results are same as those with traditional metal braces, also they make you less conscious in your social meetings.

These invisible braces are the most affordable treatment option under the invisible category.

Clear Braces

2.Lingual Braces

Lingual refers to the placement of the braces towards the tongue side or behind the teeth. The results are same as fixed metal braces and at the same time they are not visible.

The brackets here are customized to fix well inside your teeth and thus make you less uncomfortable.

Lingual Braces

3.Clear Aligners(Removable)

This is an option to consider when you don’t want metal braces to be fixed to your teeth. There are no brackets, no wires, instead here you have removable clear aligners.

These are not visible, your friends can’t make out whether you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

You can remove the clear aligners and brush and floss your teeth regularly with ease.

So in the above section, we explained some of the orthodontic treatment options for you. A visit to your orthodontist is necessary before you choose any option. Sometimes a combination of these various options is required depending on the severity and individual case.

Clear Aligners
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