Want to do a Smile Makeover? Here are the things to look for

Want to do a Smile Makeover Here are the things to look for

You may have a great oral hygiene but there is probably one thing that keeps nagging you. That one thing is your smile. You might be feeling how unappealing your smile is. You have been thinking for quite some time on doing “adjustments” to your smile – a smile makeover to be precise. The advancement in cosmetic dentistry has made it absolutely possible to make changes to your smile.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a process of making your smile better. It may involve one or more of the following treatments.

(1) Non-surgical and simple treatments methods like teeth whitening, teeth filling, scaling, dental bonding, etc.,

(2) Non-surgical but slightly complex treatment methodologies like dental braces, placement of veneers or crowns, etc.

(3) Simple surgical procedures like dental implants, all-on-four or all-on-six dental implants, overdentures, gum contouring etc.

(4) Complex orthognathic surgical procedures like changing the alignment of the jaw, lengthening or shortening of upper or lower jaw.

Why smile makeover?

They say the first impression is the best impression. A good smile gives a great impression and this is no secret. A great smile gives people confidence to face life. On the other hand, a not so appealing smile can be worrisome to many. Some may, unfortunately, choose not to smile at all and this may begin to reflect in their attitude. There are individuals who get depressed by the mere fact that they do not have a great smile. A properly planned smile makeover exercise can give relief. They can help bring a positive change in the life of many.

Who can get smile makeover?

Anyone who is not satisfied with their smile and has a feeling that they could be better looking with a better smile are ideal candidates for a smile makeover. It has to be understood that the individual who is looking for a smile makeover needs to have a better oral health before undergoing a smile makeover.

Planning your smile makeover treatment

Every person has a unique smile. The factors that are contributing to their unappealing smile are studied by the cosmetic surgeon first. The cosmetic surgeon might want to take a picture of your smile and photographs of your teeth and gumline. A careful analysis thereafter would tell the cosmetic surgeon if a set of simple non-surgical smile makeover procedures would suffice or more complex surgical procedures are required. The cosmetic surgeon would then sit with you and enumerate and explain the reasons for your unappealing smile and talk about possible solutions.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Oris Dental Centre

At Oris, we have few qualified cosmetic surgeons whose passion is to bring the best smile in you. The in-house dental laboratories and the highly skilled technicians who work on custom porcelain veneers and crowns can help you in truly transforming your smile.

Call us at our helpline for transforming your smile. At Oris Dental Centre, we shall be more than happy to bring out the best smile in you.

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