Restoring broken tooth with dental crown at Oris

dental crown for broken teeth

A broken or fractured tooth can happen due to injury, nail biting or grinding habits, extended cracks, and poor strength of the tooth after an RCT, chipping of enamel etc. In case of front teeth it’s very embarrassing cosmetically, and a fracture of posterior teeth causes chewing ad other functionality disturbances.

What is a dental crown?

Crowns are commonly called as cap over the tooth. These crowns range through different materials right from metal, ceramic, metal fused ceramic, resin and stainless steel. At Oris we specialise at excellent high quality ceramic crowns to restore back beautiful smiles and desired functionality.

What is the need of a dental crown?

dental crown

Dental crowns are used to offer protection and for restoring functionality as in the case of a root canal treated tooth. They are used to replace lost tooth, cover up stained or discoloured tooth or a badly shaped tooth.They are also used over implants and bridges, as one or more dental crowns to securely anchor them and provide strength, so as to withstand masticatory forces.

dental crown fixing

Infront teeth that demands cosmetic repair works, as in case of chipped or fracture of teeth, and where veneers or on-lays are not workable, dental crowns provide very good alternate options. Dental crowns can also be used as a restoration when the cavities are very wide and or require a root canal treatment.

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Custom made to fit the tooth and can be made by range of materials right from gold, metal, ceramic and resins

Bonded securely to the tooth, hence they are permanent replacement options

Materials are very durable offering good support to the broken or prepared tooth.

They restore shape, protect weak tooth and support the existing tooth structure to function normally.

Offer a very natural look and cannot be distinguished from the adjacent teeth.

How are dental crowns processed at Oris?

processing dental crowns

Following a consultation with our expert dentists, if the individuals are found suitable for dental crowns, the tooth is cut and prepared, for customising the crowns. Impressions are taken, and sent to lab for crown fabrication. Meanwhile temporary crowns are placed on the prepared tooth. On the next sitting the permanent customised crowns are bonded to the tooth using special adhesives. Patient’s occlusal bite will be checked and necessary adjustments will be done, to restore functional occlusion between the teeth.

At Oris we treat our patients with superior quality and standard zirconia crowns that provides the lost strength and support, to the damaged tooth. Custom sized zirconia crowns are fabricated as early as possible at our centre. We strive our best to give you quick results.

If you have a fractured or cracked tooth, do not wait and waste time. Just call us at Oris and book an appointment. Our dentists will offer you the best possible solutions to smile your way.

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