Tooth Jewellery – the twinkling tooth

Tooth Jewellery – the twinkling tooth

Tooth Jewellery

Dentists now have patients coming over for procedures other than corrective or treatment purposes. With advanced dentistry, now the dentists are able to extend and provide safe and impressive methods to beautify your teeth with twinkling stones.

Jewellery for tooth is done for purely decorative and beautification purposes. Many choose this to highlight their smile. Nowadays people are becoming more conscious about their face and smile.

Initially the procedure of fixing a stone, involved some drilling and removal of the enamel surface. Once fixed the stone also remained permanently and it was difficult to remove it easily. Fear of damage or fracture to the tooth, prevented many people from choosing this option to beautify their smile.

But now with advanced cosmetic dentistry, the stone can easily be bonded to the tooth. It can also be removed when not necessary. The size and type of the stone is left to the affordability of the patient. Safe options are available to try in cosmetic dentistry. Even if the patient swallows it, it does not pose any harm. Since it is safe for the patients to wear, many people look forward for one such crystals and depending on their budget, they can choose right from pure gold to precious stone.

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How is the stone glued to the tooth?

The stone/gems are glued to the tooth with special bonding material called as composite by the dentist. The stones have a concave surface, which makes it easy to get bonded to the material and
the tooth. The composite is then light cured using an UV light, and thereafter the stone is polished to shine brightly. Removal of the stone, is much easier and has to be done by a dental professional. It does not leave a mark or crack on the tooth, on removal of the gems.

How long does it stay bonded to the tooth?

There are many brands available, and guarantee is given only for the gem by the manufacturers. If the bonding material is good and the procedure done systematically, your gems should hold good for quite long some time.

How to care for tooth jewellery?

Tooth jewellery requires good oral and hygiene and care. Food habits and cleanliness play a major role in the longevity of the crystals. So it’s up to the individual to have a dazzling and undaunted smile with their sparkling smile and crystal handiwork. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, it is advisable to get them done with dentists who are well trained in cosmetic dentistry.

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