Porcelain veneers – A Clearer understanding

Porcelain veneers – A Clearer understanding | Porcelain Veneers In Dubai

Porcelain veneers are just a modified form of a dental crown, with minimal invasion of the tooth. It is the highlight of cosmetic dentistry, where extreme makeover can be done to brighten your smile, by changing the appearance of your natural teeth. They are very commonly done on the upper front teeth.

Crown can cover a tooth partially or fully. Stained or discoloured teeth or those with superficial enamel cracks are often covered partially by special crowns called as dental porcelain veneers. These involve very minimal tooth preparation and are usually done in the upper or lower front teeth.

When can I choose to go for Porcelain veneers?

This is best decided by our dentist at Oris Dental Center, do walk in for a consultation.

Appearance of teeth before and after Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneer to hide the stained tooth

Veneers can be considered for

  • Stained or yellow front teeth
  • Cracked or fractured front teeth
  • Mal-aligned teeth
  • Short or abnormally shaped teeth
  • To fill in gaps between the teeth

However, patients need to have adequate tooth structure to go for the veneers. In case of overcrowding or teeth grinding habits, veneers are not indicated. In some cases, if the repair work is very extensive to get the veneers done, an alternate type of restorations are suggested.

What are Porcelain veneers and how are they made?

Fixing Porcelain Veneer Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shell-like structures with a concave part below them, which is used to fuse with the affected teeth, in order to effectively mask the existing defect.
The affected tooth is prepared with a set of drills, with minimal enamel removal on the front surface and towards the sides. Measurement is then taken and sent to the lab, to process. Once done, they are bonded to the natural teeth with a bonding agent and cement.

How long do the veneers stay on the teeth?

As long as there is proper maintenance of oral hygiene, follow up and care taken, veneers are found to be one of the best treatment options in the upper front teeth. They do a lot to enhance your smile and beauty.
Porcelain veneers offer very good treatment options to those who have permanently stained teeth or with mild pecks on their teeth. Since veneers entirely depend on the enamel bonding to stay, a healthy tooth enamel is a must to go for a dental veneer. Your dentist is the best person to assess the health of your teeth and offer the treatment options as desired by you.

So why wait now, call us for an appointment to enhance your smile at Oris Dental Centre.

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