Have a brighter smile with Zirconia translucent veneer

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Zirconia translucent veneers offer a long lasting impression on your social life. You are assured of a bright and beautiful smile. Veneers are the materials of choice in front teeth mostly to cover up cases of stained or discoloured teeth, fill up space in between teeth, to cover up cracked or crooked teeth, or to correct abnormally shaped teeth.

Oris dental care specialises in katana (Zirconia translucent) veneers and has imparted impressive “hollywood smiles” to numerous patients. Our patients are very much pleased and has given a promising positive feedback on our work.

What are Zirconia translucent (Katana) Veneers?

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Veneers are very thin feather like crowns that cover only the front portion of the teeth. Very minimal tooth reduction is required for veneer tooth preparation. They are used on the lower or upper front teeth predominantly. Katana zirconia veneers has the highest translucency levels, and a natural colour gradient imparting first grade aesthetics.Their white and translucent nature effectively masks any dark tooth discolouration. You can remove defects in your smile and get back the natural confident look in you.

Zirconia translucent veneers

Veneers are a good choice of treatment to change a shade or discoloured teeth. It also plays a role in masking teeth that are not responsive to bleaching. They can be used to close gaps between the teeth, and protect fractured or cracked teeth.

Since the preparation of tooth is very minimal, veneers are considered as a conservative choice of treatment when compared to full crown preparation, where extensive reduction of tooth is required. Katana veneers provide very close colour, shade match and translucency to the adjacent teeth, with good retention.

Advancement in dental techniques in lab and clinical methods, has lead zirconia veneers to be the material of choice and the most accepted form of treatment for aesthetic correction in upper and lower anterior teeth, when compared to full coverage crowns or restorations.

What is the process for veneer preparation?

Our dental team assess the patients before considering veneers as an option. If found suitable, minimal preparation of the tooth structure is done at the tooth enamel region. Impressions are taken and customised veneers are processed in our lab, later cemented and bonded to the patient’s prepared tooth. Zirconia veneers are very strong, durable, and resistant to fracture and they bond to the tooth enamel effectively.

women smiles before and after Veneers treatment

Since many patients get the zirconia veneers as a right fit, in terms of colour, shade, retention and natural look, katana veneers is gaining popularity. Although veneers are widely indicated, there are certain contraindications like in case of crowded teeth or in patients who have teeth grinding habits. However the choice of treatment is best decided by our dental team to suit the individual accordingly.

Zirconia veneers are highly recommended for those aspiring for a “holly wood smile”, because there is no other material that gives a bright translucent smile close to them. So why wait for, do visit us at Oris dental centre. Enjoy life with your beautiful expressive smile and spread your happiness to others.

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