5 vital tips to maintain dental veneers for a perfect smile

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Our katana veneers are an excellent way of restoring your bright smile and natural beauty. These veneers are very thin feathery and light. They are carefully bonded to your tooth using special adhesives, by our dentists. They are usually very durable and long-lasting. To get a longer life span with the ceramic veneers, it’s important to follow certain tips to maintain them withgood care. Our dentists at Oris recommends the following tips to maintain dental veneers for a perfect smile.

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Oral hygiene – Brushing and flossing regularly

Make sure to floss your teeth before brushing, to remove the food debris found between the gaps of the teeth and gum crevices. Our dentists recommend regular flossing and brushing twice daily to maintain good oral hygiene. Do not use a highly abrasive toothpaste, and seek our professional help for a suitable choice of toothpaste. Visit Oris regularly for professional cleaning done by our team.

Avoid foods that stain your teeth surfaces

Coffee, tea, wine, berries, carbonated drinks are to be avoided to prevent staining of the veneers. If they cannot be avoided, then straws can be used to consume these drinks so as to avoid contact with the teeth surfaces. Zirconia veneers do offer some stain resistance, but prolonged repeated exposure to stained foods and drinks leads to discolouration.

Bruxism or Tooth grinding

Teeth grinding is a nocturnal habit of few people, which can cause damage to the veneers. It’s best to check out with our dentists, who can help with fabrication of night guards, to be worn at night. This mouth guard or the night guard is a hard splint, which prevents the teeth surfaces from coming in contact with each other during the sleep time.

Do not bite on hard objects or use tooth as a tool

Nail biting, pen/pencil biting are certain habits that needs to be refrained if you are wearing our Zirconia veneers. Do not bite on hard objects or use tooth as a tool to open bottle caps, or to bite needle threads while stitching or sewing. Such usage will cause dislodgement of the veneers.

Refrain or its best to quit smoking to maintainvibrant looking veneers.

Usage of soft bristles tooth brush

Its best to use a soft or extra soft bristles tooth brush to brush your teeth. Do not brush your teeth for more than two minutes a day. Over brushing can cause abrasion on the surfaces and makes the veneers look dull and lose polish.  Use a non-abrasive toothpaste as recommended by our dentists.

Visit us at Oris regularly to get the check-ups done. If there is mild dislodgement of the veneers they can be removed, cleaned and re-bonded again by us. Mild stains can also be cleared by regular scaling and polishing. But in case of veneer breakage or gum recession, replacement of veneers may be necessary.

It’s very important to choose your right dentist to get a perfect smile and we are sure to offer our best support to you towards beautiful smile transformations at Oris dental centre.


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