How long does a Teeth Whitening result last?

How long does a Teeth Whitening result last

Stained teeth are not preferred and very severely stained teeth are indeed an embarrassment. The stains begin to bother us and that is when we reach out to our dentist to explore options. Teeth whitening is the recommended option that our dentist would put before us. Typically we learn that there are in-office teeth whitening procedures where the dentist would do the teeth whitening in their dental office. There are other options namely, whitening strips, whitening trays, whitening toothpaste, etc, which are generally referred as over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. Whatever we use to whiten our teeth, we need to understand that the effect of teeth whitening does not last for life.

Stain Removing in a Nutshell

The enamel layer on the teeth is not a straight, shiny surface. They have grooves filled with microscopic holes. It is on these grooved and holes the stains come to reside. Hence the challenge in removing them. Even after removing the stains, the next level challenge is to maintain it stain-free. Despite our best efforts, the structure of the teeth naturally accumulates stain.

In-office Teeth Whitening or Over-the-counter Teeth Whitening Kits?

Well, the option is before us. Typically an in-office teeth whitening result lasts a bit longer than the over-the-counter teeth whitening counterparts. This is because the in-office teeth whitening method is done professionally by a dentist. That is why they are a, so termed as Professional Teeth Whitening.

–  A powerful bleaching agent is used to whiten teeth in a controlled and safe environment which is not possible in over-the-counter teeth whitening kits.

– Stains due to certain food like wine, coffee, tobacco, etc, can be removed easily in in-office teeth whitening more effectively.

– The stains that appear as we age are harder. They have a typical dark yellow mixed with green and brown tinge. These stains can be easily removed.

However few measures can go a long way in increasing the life of the teeth whitening results.

Measures that can help Teeth Whitening results last

– Completely giving up habits like usage of tobacco or smoking can make your teeth whitening last. Because tobacco is the number one culprit that stains your teeth badly in a short span of time.

– Not drinking stain-causing beverages like tea, coffee, wine, colas etc. Even if you wanted to drink, you can drink by straw thereby not allowing the beverage to touch your teeth’s enamel layer.

– Maintaining proper oral hygiene like brushing, flossing and properly rinsing our teeth on a daily basis can help maintain our white teeth and can protect against fresh stains too.

– Regular professional dental cleaning can help keep your oral hygiene which in turn can help in making the teeth whitening last longer.

Teeth Whitening at Oris Dental Center

At Oris Dental Center, a professionally done in-office teeth whitening can last anywhere from one year to two years depending on how the patient has maintained it. A touch-up whitening treatment every now and then as recommended by our dentists can significantly increase the life of the teeth whitening. Book an appointment with Oris Dental Center for a professional teeth whitening and restore your aesthetic smile.

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