Best Dental Treatment to Consider Before Wedding

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The smile makeover is the dental treatment planning to get a better smile or the “perfect” smile. It is mostly desirable by the patients in the marriageable age group.

There is specialization of dentistry as “aesthetic dentistry” and the “wedding dentistry” where apart from esthetic dental treatments and smile makeovers, cosmetics are also taken into consideration.

In the upcoming section, the treatments which are considered best before wedding are discussed:

  1. Teeth Whitening: Bleaching of teeth or whitening is the treatment for the staining on teeth such as tea, coffee or smoking stains. The stains due to fluorosis can also be improved to some extent by bleaching.

The process of whitening can be in office or can be done at home by whitening kits.

Usually whitening should be considered three to four weeks before wedding.

2. Restorative Dental Treatment: These treatments are considered if any of your front teeth is broken at its edge or for carious teeth (cavity). These are also used to treat stains, gaps in between teeth or when any teeth have abnormal shape.

  • Katana Veneers: These are basically thin cover or layer that is placed over the damaged tooth surface.

In order to improve your smile through veneers, a proper treatment planning is mandatory. A duration of three to four months before wedding is desirable for veneers.

katana veneers for wedding smile makeover
  • Composite: These are considered as an alternative option for veneers to the patients facing a very small portion of tooth is broken, a composite filling can be successfully used to treat it. The tooth can be observed through follow ups and can be replaced by veneer as and when required. There is no need of long term treatment planning, it can be done two (minimum) to three weeks before wedding
  • Crowns: Crowns are used to treat when a single surface covering or restoration is not enough to aesthetically correct a tooth.

These are mostly preferred following root canal treatment of teeth. 

Here also, time is required for treatment planning and hence at least one to two months are required before your big day.

3. Teeth Straightening: This is to treat crowding, spacing or large disparities between teeth or the jaws. It includes:

  • Braces: This is the traditional and most affordable one. Here, the braces can be of metals and tooth colored brackets are also available.
  • Clear Aligners: These are plastic trays which offer a wide range of flexibility when compared with metals braces, also, making you less appearance conscious during the course of treatment.

Teeth straightening is a long term treatment ranging from six months to about two years and hence should be planned accordingly.

An expert advice along with your choice of treatment is necessary to get best and long lasting results of this treatment.

Teeth Whitening

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