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removing tooth

Recovery Tips to Follow After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure done under anaesthesia. The tooth is embedded into the jaw bone through roots. Once the t...Read more

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Pregnant woman suffering from toothache

Ways to Handle Unbearable Toothache During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for many women and their families. However, it can also be the point where they experience chang...Read more

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women with sour taste in mouth

10 Reasons Behind Sour or Bitter Taste in Your Mouth

It is expected to have a sour taste in your mouth when you eat something bitter, such as chicory or black coffee. It is not natura...Read more

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Women with face mask

Mask Mouth – New Oral Problems amid Covid-19 concerns in Dubai

With Covid-19 taking a lot of twists and turns everywhere, the entire world is preparing itself to face, fight and survive the pan...Read more

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women with extraordinary smile

From ordinary to extraordinary smiles

From ordinary to extraordinary smiles A beautiful smile connects all the hearts together. A smile is the human’s most essential ...Read more

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dental floss

When should you use dental Floss? Before or after brushing?

People need to understand the importance of dental hygiene and the best practices for maintaining a healthy smile. One of the most...Read more

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Decayed tooth

Tooth decay- Different types and their treatment

Tooth decay, which is also known as dental caries, is the destruction of the outer layer of the tooth surface called enamel. Cavit...Read more

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man grinding teeth

Teeth grinding during sleep- Treatment, and tips for prevention

Most people clench and grind their teeth now and then. This is called bruxism in medical terms. Teeth grinding is usually associat...Read more

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man brushing hard

Deep teeth cleaning cause Loose Teeth. Myth or True?

Well the answer to this very old and “still a common” myth is false. The cleaning of teeth can never result in loosening of te...Read more

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brush without toothpaste

Is it right to brush your teeth without toothpaste?

Each of us aspires to have strong, white teeth that sparkle. But the reality is that perfect tooth hygiene necessitates a perfect ...Read more

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