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How do dates benefit and ruin your oral health?

The Arabian Peninsula is found to be richest in the palm trees and hence dates are one of the most famous foods in Arab and is mos...Read more

General Dentistry

How does Monkeypox virus affect dental health?

The first case of monkeypox in humans was reported in 1970. It is evidenced to be prevalent in Central and West Africa. Many of us...Read more

General Dentistry

dentist treating patient

Oral Sedation Treatment

Pill Sedation or oral sedation is a type of sedation method used in dentistry to reduce the fear and anxiety of patients during tr...Read more

General Dentistry

5 Reasons Why Water is the Best Drink for Your Teeth

Human body is 60 percent water. There is no better drink than water for the human body. It helps in flushing out of toxins, keeps ...Read more

General Dentistry

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