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5 Reasons Why Water is the Best Drink for Your Teeth

Human body is 60 percent water. There is no better drink than water for the human body. It helps in flushing out of toxins, keeps ...Read more

General Dentistry

Necessity of Mouthguards for Athletes and its Types

The participation of your kid in any kind of physical activity is a source of happiness and contentment as not only does it raise ...Read more

General Dentistry

girl biting nails

Why should I stop biting my nails?

Habits die hard and long-term habits along with their negative impact on health pose a challenge when we try to stop them. Nail-bi...Read more

General Dentistry

sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry- A path to better dental experience

Sedation dentistry is to make dental treatment more convenient and comfortable. It is usually preferable for treatments of long du...Read more

General Dentistry

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