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wedding couples smiling

Best Dental Treatment to Consider Before Wedding

The smile makeover is the dental treatment planning to get a better smile or the “perfect” smile. It is mostly desirable by th...Read more

General Dentistry

man grinding teeth

Teeth grinding during sleep- Treatment, and tips for prevention

Most people clench and grind their teeth now and then. This is called bruxism in medical terms. Teeth grinding is usually associat...Read more

General Dentistry

man brushing hard

Deep teeth cleaning cause Loose Teeth. Myth or True?

Well the answer to this very old and “still a common” myth is false. The cleaning of teeth can never result in loosening of te...Read more

General Dentistry

dental floss

When should you use dental Floss? Before or after brushing?

Brushing and flossing are two significant habits which has to be inculcated in every individual right from being a child to an old...Read more

General Dentistry

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