Why Implant Supported Dentures Are Worth Consideration?

Why implant supported dentures are worth consideration?

Dentures are one of the few options for replacing multiple missing teeth. They are either removable or fixed and are used to replace partially, or completely edentulous conditions. Conventional dentures are removable dentures that get attached to the gums and tissues of the mouth, using suction or denture fix pastes. Implant-supported dentures are those removable dentures, which can be snapped on to implants that are fixed to the jaw bone.

Why implant supported dentures are worth consideration

How are implant-supported dentures processed on patients at Oris dental center?

On the first visit, the gums and bones are examined, for good oral health with no underlying diseases. Diagnosis and treatment planning are well supported, with X-rays and scans. The bone density of the jaw bone assessed if there is sufficient bone density to support the implants, and then an impression or mould of the patient mouth is taken, to start the work on for the denture preparation.

How are implant supported dentures processed on patients at Oris dental center 2

During the implant procedure, four small implants are, surgically placed in the jaw bone. This procedure is done meticulously by numbing the gums under anaesthesia. Mini-implants that are shorter than the traditional implants are used here. These implants now become the anchor for the dentures. Once the implants are stable, the implant-supported dentures can be snapped over them.

How are implant supported dentures processed on patients at Oris dental center

Advantages of implant-supported dentures

Maintain and preserve bone density

When there are missing teeth in the mouth, the bone around the area starts to deteriorate. Hence the jaw line tends to recede down. Traditional dentures support on the gums and use the mouth muscles or denture adhesives to stay in place. Since the bone is not put in use there, they tend to decline. Implant-supported dentures are superior to it because the implants act as mini tooth roots, which help to maintain the jaw density.

Functional stability

Since the implants fuse to the jaw bone, they offer better stability to the dentures. Chewing ability and bite function are more enhanced, making it convenient for the patients to chew and eat better aiding good digestion. In contrast to the traditional dentures where dentures are more mobile and uncomfortable while eating and speaking, these implant-supported dentures offer good functional stability in terms of bite force, chewing and speech. The patient can eat, smile and speak confidently.

Hygiene and maintenance

Implant-supported dentures are easy to maintain, as they are removable and provides good access to the implant sites. Like any other removable dentures, they can be cleaned and removed overnight and snapped back the next day. Keeping the gums and implant sites clean, wade away any gum infections, and thereby not much of bone loss.

Aesthetics and Appearance

Implant-supported dentures, give a good smile makeover. They help prevent and replace any loss of tissues, with a beautiful face uplift and smile. Offering the best functional and aesthetic support is what makes them worthy of consideration.

To check which restoration is best for you, and for any further information on our implant-supported dentures, please call us at Oris dental centre. We are always there to offer you the best possible support.


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