When is a full arch replacement recommended to bring back the Smile?

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Smile is a valuable expression that opens your heart to show your warmth and compassion to others. A precious smile can be made to happen only if you have a beautiful set of teeth. A full arch replacement is recommended when there is a need to restore back the precious lost smile, because of loss of all teeth due to chronic decay, accidents, injury, debilitating diseases or old age.

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Removable full or partial dentures were the only known treatment of choice in the earlier days. Dentures do cause a lot of inconvenience in terms of talking, eating and smiling confidently. Patients always have the fear and discomfort of loose dentures especially with the lower ones. Many at times they use denture adhesives to make them function with comfort. But now with the era of dental implants, there are revolutionary changes happening all over. Implants supported fixed and removable dentures, gives the confidence to smile, talk, and chew and eat food comfortably at all times.

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Oris dental centre provides excellent and outstanding full arch replacement options. We offer the best choices of implant supported teeth or dentures to make you happy and free from traditional dentures. These advanced replacement options help you to have a firm bite and a beautiful smile. The all on four implant supported dentures and the full mouth implants that we offer, gives faster replacement, good healing and multiple advantages.

How is the full arch replacement done?

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Upon consultation with our dental team, various treatment options are suggested to the patients to suit their needs and affordability. Titanium or ceramic Dental implants are used to replace the lost teeth roots. Four or six implants can be used in the procedure. They can be immediately loaded as in case of all on four implants or done as a slow process for a period of 2-3 months, with six implants that are Osseo-integrated slowly per arch, for better stabilisation of fixed dentures.

Implant loading at the right angles are all done with computer guided strategies, thereby minimising bone grafting procedures. They are highly cost efficient and time saving. Once loaded, a temporary set of teeth is fixed to the newly loaded implants and patient can start using the new set of teeth to start off with soft foods. Once the healing is over completely in the bone, after about 3-6 months your dentist will place abutments on the implants and new permanent bridge will be fixed to the abutments. This may require few visits, before securing it finally. The permanent fixed bridges are then long lasting, and very hard to differentiate from the natural dentition.

Benefits of full arch replacement

They can last for a long time over many years.

Impart healthy jaws and preserves bone.

They are permanent options, with minimal pain and discomfort.

Chewing and digestion of foods becomes a lot easier and better. You can enjoy eating most foods that you like with ease.

Quality of life improves as there are excellent results imparted with regards to patient’s outlook, speech, smile and confidence.

Why choose Oris for full arch replacements with dental implants?

We strive our best ways to save your dentition. When not possible we have wide choices open for lost teeth with full arch replacement. We are patient centred and have a specialised team of implantologist to take care with a holistic approach. Full arch replacement is very popular among our patients, and many of them have benefited with an ever-lasting smile with a positive feedback.

Please call us at Oris for further enquiries and clarifications.


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