What are same day implants?

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Same day implants as the name implies refers to loading of dental implants in a single visit, and the full process is completed on a single day. There is not much of waiting period involved in here, as in the case of traditional implants. You can walk out on the same day with a new set of teeth with your beautiful smile restored back.

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Who can get a new set of teeth on a single day?

Not all of them can be ideally suitable to get implant procedures done on a single day, it all depends on gums and bone health and oral hygiene. Healthy individuals with no underlying medical conditions and habits like smoking or bruxism can look forward to it. A thorough clinical consultation with our dental team will let you know the possibility of same day implants.

Can same day implants help replace missing tooth in an emergency?

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Yes same day implants can be used to replace missing tooth in an emergency, or following an extraction, provided the oral health conditions are suitable for the procedure. Replacement of single tooth or multiple teeth can be done with same day implants. Our implantologist Dr. Hussain Al Saleh and his team will decide on the best option for each individual.

Single and multiple dental implants on same day

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In case of missing tooth or an emergency, after careful assessment of patients, single or multiple dental implants can be done to restore back the smile on the same day. In case where a single implant is loaded, a temporary crown is fixed to be replaced later after complete healing of the site. With multiple implants loaded, the patient smile is restored with a temporary set of teeth or bridge. This has to be replaced after the region is completely healed, over a period of three to six month time.

Pros and cons of same day implants

  • Very quick form of treatment to help restore smile and functionality.
  • They give a very natural appealing look because the gums and bone are intact and there is not much of obvious gum recession and bone resorption.
  • Immediate implant offer solutions to replace lost teeth at affordable prices.
  • Presence of temporary set of teeth during the healing period of the bone ad gums.
  • Less patient discomfort with convenience of a single visit with us.
  • However it’s imperative to know some of the cons of the same day implants
  • Possibility of infection at the implant loaded site, if post treatment instructions are not followed meticulously.
  • Displacement of movement of implant from the loaded site.
  • Habits such as smoking and bruxism that can lead to implant failure.

The implants are placed in such a way to make it stable throughout the healing period. The success of the implants depends on the fusion of bone to it. (Osseo-integration), which will take about few months’ time. So it’s very important for patient to follow all the recovery instructions carefully during this healing time, to have a good success rate and lesser complications.

Placing implants on the same day requires the hands of trained well experienced specialists. At Oris, you will be served by our highly skilled implantologist Dr. Hussain Al Saleh, and his team. So look forward for a safe caring positive experience with us.

Do not hesitate to call us for any queries or clarifications.

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