Benefits of newly replaced teeth in single day implants

Benefits Of Single Day Dental Implants In Dubai

Smile is an individual complement of everyone. Nobody can match one’s own smile. So smile is very precious. Even if there is a loss of a single tooth, be it front or back, the beautiful smile of a patient is missing. Once their tooth is lost, he or she loose the confidence to talk and smile.

Get back your confident smile with single day implants, at Oris Dental Centre

  1. Preservation of Jaw bone:

Most of the implants require bone grafting to be done, especially in areas where there is not sufficient bone for them to be placed. Waiting time of about 3-4 months is required before the bone augmentation process is complete. Only then the implants can be placed in, and the final completion with crown will take another 3 months. All these can be avoided, by going for single day implants. There is no question of bone loss and grafting and long waiting periods.

2. Get back full- fledged chewing habits:

Wearing dentures newly will require a lot of time for the patient to adapt to the new chewing habits. Getting to use a denture comfortably will take at least one or two months. Such is not the case with one day implants. Although it takes some time for healing to occur, in about a week or so, patient is able to eat comfortably all types of food with single day implants.

3. Save time with implant precision surgeries:

 It is easier and less time consuming when patient goes on all on 4 single day implants. This procedure is done by a team of dentist. These precision surgeries perform the extractions, place the implants and make sure they walk away with comfort and care.

4. Prevent Jaw bone loss:

 Usually when dentures are being used, they tend to create some bone loss in the jaw bones. Stimulation is required for bone density to be maintained. Dentures do not provide the stimulation. Instead single say implants, ensures that stimulation is being maintained. So patient is able to get back normal chewing habits faster.

5. Feel young with beautiful smile:

 Since the implants immediately impart beautiful smile, there are the best preferred choice.

Dentures in spite of it being worn throughout the day, it does create wrinkles in the face. Sagging of cheeks, thinning out of lips may all give an old appearance. But with all in 4 implants in store, there is not much of question of looking older.

6. Smile and Speak confidently:

 With dentures in place, speaking may be difficult unless you get adapted to it. Smiling may look unnatural. All on 4 implants offer the best natural smile with confident speech and easier chewing habits.

So much in store for all on 4 implants, why wait for? Do call us to book an appointment at Oris Dental Centre for more details.

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