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Gum whitening

black pigmentation of gums

Are you worried about your black pigmentation of your gums? Do you feel embarrassed to smile because of the discolouration? Our dental experts at Oris are here to give excellent solutions to your problems. You must be quite familiar with teeth whitening procedures, but many may not be aware of gum whitening procedure, which is done at our centre.

What are the causes of Gum Pigmentation?

This could be because of genetic factors where pigmentation is common in few ethnic groups of people. This is caused when the gums get irritated due to some factors stimulating hyperpigmentation of a substance called melanin. Certain medications, habits like smoking, some systemic conditions and rarely overflowing amalgam fillings can also cause these dark gums.

What is gum whitening procedure?

Gum depigmentation

Gum depigmentation can be done by non-invasive procedures like bleaching that uses whitening solutions or by Laser techniques. Bleaching uses a chemical solution, which helps to reduce the gum discolouration. Following which our dentists use polishing cuffs to remove the abraded gum tissues that contains the melanin cells. This procedure roughly takes about two hours. Sometimes sensitivity and burns are possible with this technique, which can be treated further with medicine.

gum whitening

At Oris we use a more convenient method of gum whitening using dental laser method. This method involves numbing of the gums and using laser light to remove the visible black surface and hyper pigmented layer of the gums. This is very convenient, non-invasive and safe for the patients.

How safe is gum whitening procedure?

For most patients laser technique has been demonstrated safe for depigmentation. Other than a local anaesthetic that is used for numbing the gums, there are no scalpels or sutures involved. Relatively painless, heals quickly, significant results can be seen with colour change. They mostly require a single visit, depending on the depth of the pigmentation. Once done the results last for a longer life time of about 10-15 years. Some temporary discomfort will be experienced while our dentists works on your mouth. Other than that most patients returns to work on the same day of the procedure. This method is proved very safe and effective.

gum whitening before after

How do I know if I can bleach my gums?

It’s best to check with our dentists at Oris dental centre. Patients with severe gum disease, tumours, and oral lesions will not be able to take up gum whitening procedure. Our dentists will do an initial check on you before you can decide on gum whitening procedure. Some patients with very thin gums may not be suitable for this procedure, because the microdermabrasion can cause roots of the teeth to be exposed and thereby leading to sensitivity of teeth.

In case of any clarifications please do consult us at Oris dental Centre. Our dentists will do an initial screening to tell you, if your gums are healthy enough to go for a depigmentation. Be assured of healthy pink gums with a beautiful confident smile at Oris, with a safe and convenient Gum whitening procedure.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at Oris for an appointment booking.

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