CEREC dental restorations – their advantages over conventional crowns

CEREC dental restorations – their advantages over conventional crowns

What is CEREC dental restoration?
CEREC stands for chairside economic restoration of aesthetic ceramics, or in the simpler terms they can be called as customized crowns, that can be worn on the same day as the tooth preparation.

They are a very good alternative to the conventional crowns, which requires to be sent to the lab for processing works. It saves time and the number of sittings is reduced to one, assuring accurate fit to the patient.

These crowns can be processed in the dental lab attached to the clinic. It uses CAD/CAM technology, where the accurate measurement of the prepared tooth is scanned in a computer and is transferred to the machine that makes the ceramic crowns with excellent fit and accuracy. It takes about two hours in a single visit and the patient can walk away with a crown immediately after tooth preparation.

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Benefits of CEREC dental restorations
1. No waiting time
CEREC technology enables those patients who have busy schedules, to get the crowns done in single sitting. Gone are those days where patients have to wait for three days to a week with the prepared tooth, to get their crowns fixed in the following sitting.

2. Skip the temporary crowns
During conventional crown preparation, the patient has a waiting period of a minimum of three days for lab processing. In the meantime, it is mandatory to go for a temporary crown. Cementing a temporary crown, prevents patients from eating normally and they have to ensure careful chewing until the final crown is made. Removal of temporary crowns sometimes damages the prepared tooth.

3. No more sensitivity
Preparing a vital (Intact with blood and nerve supply) tooth causes a lot of sensitivity to the patients. The waiting period with temporary crowns do cause some discomfort to the patients, as they do not prevent sensitivity at times. Some desensitising paste and refraining from hot and cold foods become necessary during that period. CEREC ensures there is no such episode for a patient.

4. Accurate fits and restorations
Since the CEREC restorations are made with digital technology using CAD/CAM software, accurate ceramic crowns are ensured. The machine uses the scanned measurement to mill the exact crowns with excellent fit for the patients.

5. Reliable Crowns
CEREC restorations are very reliable and they are long lasting over years, very similar to the conventional crowns. They do not break and are very much compatible with the patient mouth and chewing habits. These CEREC restorations are also used for orthodontic treatments and in dental implants to make screw retained or cement restorations.

While patients experience the long-lasting, accurate and comfortable crowns, the dentist job is made easier saving time over impressions and laboratory work.

So what are you waiting for, do call us at Oris Dental Centre for more details and be ensured of comfort CEREC technology.

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