Zirconia Crowns – their indications and uses

Zirconia Crowns – their indications and uses

Dental clinics specialising in aesthetics dentistry practice use Zirconia in the crowns, bridges and implant crowns. Zirconia is the dioxide form of the metallic element Zirconium, and is similar in properties to a natural diamond, possessing both beauty and strength. Zirconia is the hardest known ceramic in industry and the strongest material used in dentistry. They are very much long lasting reliable crowns, with very close resemblance of natural tooth. They are highly unreactive, making them one of the most preferred choice of crown.
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Indications of Zirconia crowns:
Zirconia crowns because of its strength and durability, is very often indicated in posterior tooth, in comparison to the anterior teeth. Since their translucency is not very compatible, there are very often used for posterior teeth.

Benefits of Zirconia crowns:
1.Zirconia crown has high strength and fracture toughness – They can be made with minimal thickness, so that there in not much loss of the tooth structure.
2.The crown does not crack easily, so best suitable for those people with excessive chewing habits and altered bite.
3.No chemical reaction – hence it is resistant to food staining compared to acrylics and composite restorations
4.Highly resistant to wear and tear – they are very much bio-compatible and resist extreme hot and cold temperatures, thereby avoiding hypersensitivity
5.Natural white colour with good translucency –hence resemble tooth colour and hue, there is no metal base required, so it is aesthetically pleasing.

Once the tooth preparation is done, the patient has to go for a temporary crown, as lab procedures take about 3-4 days of processing. All these wait period and processing time can now be avoided, and single day zirconia crowns can be made, using CAD/CAM technology. The ceramic making machine can be installed in the clinic and the dentist can help deliver crown in the same day.

Disadvantages of Zirconia Crowns:

1.Translucency of Zirconia when compared to lithium disilicate (lPS) or porcelain is lesser. Hence some dentists do not prefer this for anterior crowns and suggest them only for posterior crown.
2.Since the crown is durable, it is difficult to detect caries under the crown
3.Cost of zirconia crowns is comparatively higher when compared to metal or metal fused ceramic crowns.

Katana Zirconia Crowns

However Katana zirconia crowns overweigh these disadvantages. These products are made from a proprietary powder and processing formulation and this chemistry produces a competitive aesthetic restoration. This provides predictable results for the laboratory technician and dentist.

They have enamel-like translucency with innovative multi-layered technology, making it suitable for full-contour zirconia crowns, including anterior restorations. They have comparable translucency to emax, with higher mechanical strength. They are designed to be used for veneers, onlays, crowns, short and long span bridges for anterior and posterior restorations. Book an appointment with us to get your aesthetically pleasant zirconia crowns done on a single day.

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