Root canal a cause for Oral cancer? – Vanquish the fear

Root canal a cause for Oral cancer – Vanquish the fear | Endodontics In Dubai

A root canal is a treatment, where the nerves and blood supply (pulp) of a tooth are removed, cleaned and filled with a special inert material. The tooth becomes dead in this case. In the process of cleaning the canals, a dentist strives to clear the space off microbes with appropriate chemicals and instruments. It’s not possible to clear all the microbes inside the root canal, but it can be done to the best. A myth has been created that the retained microbes inside the canals are generally responsible for secondary infections and sometimes to cancer.

Root Canal Therapy

This myth is not true and there is no statistical and research-based evidence to prove this belief. Once pain develops in a tooth, it is mainly because of inflammation of the pulp. So there are only two ways to treat this condition. It’s either root canal therapy or extraction. Dentist suggest root canal therapy so as to avoid tooth abscess, or swelling, infection, and pain. Thus an RCT alleviates the pain of the patient and do help in conservation of their tooth.

People who undergo root canal therapy are no more or less likely to become ill than any other person. There is virtually no evidence connecting root canal treatment and other diseases.

Rumours to the contrary can cause a great deal of undue stress for many people, including former and upcoming root canal patients.

Some people who have had root canals, even go so far as to get their dead teeth extracted. They view this as a safety precaution because they believe the dead tooth increases their risk of cancer. However, pulling dead teeth is unnecessary. It is always an available option, but however, saving your teeth is the best option.

Extracting and replacing a tooth takes time, money, and additional treatment, and it can negatively affect your neighboring teeth. Many live teeth that undergo root canal therapy are healthy, strong, and last a lifetime.

Instead of harboring fear, distrust, and anxiety toward an entire field of dentistry, people should trust the advancements in modern dentistry that make endodontic treatment and root canal therapy safe, predictable, and effective.

The idea that root canals can cause cancer is a myth, perpetuated by incorrect research from more than a century ago. Since that time, dentistry has advanced to include safer medical equipment, hygiene, anesthesia, and techniques. These advancements have made treatments that would have been painful and dangerous 100 years ago extremely safe and reliable. You have no reason to fear that an upcoming root canal will cause you to develop cancer.

Root Canal Treatment

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