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Have a brighter smile with Zirconia translucent veneer

Zirconia translucentveneers offer a long lasting impression on your social life. You are assured of a bright and beautiful smile. ...Read more


dental implant dentures

The Transition from Dentures to Dental Implants

Are you embarrassed wearing your removable partial or full dentures in public? Are you worried that they will snap out while you s...Read more


What is dental implant Osseo-integration?

Dental Implants have been revolutionizing the dental field, as one of the best option for replacement of a missing tooth. They are...Read more

Dental / Dental Implants

sterilizing dental instruments at Oris

Importance Of Steam Sterilization In Dentistry

We at Oris Dental centre are equipped with state of the art facilities and follow strict disinfection protocols, with recommended ...Read more


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