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Travelling tips to handle tooth emergencies

July 31st,2018

Tooth ache is a very disturbing occurrence, especially when it occurs during travel time. It is best to be prepared before travelling, however certain emergencies cannot be avoided. When exactly you have to see a dentist and when is it an emergency situation has to be decided by the patient, depending on the severity of (more)

Possible problems and outcome of an under-bite

July 23rd,2018

However you take care of your teeth, there are certain genetically inherited dental problems, where nothing can be done to prevent them. An under-bite is one of them. When the lower jaw extrudes forward than the upper jaw and the child lower teeth are seen in front over the upper teeth, then it is said (more)

How to prevent tooth decay in kids?

July 18th,2018

Kids are very fond of eating all the foods they see and like. Colourful candies, juices and tasty chocolates and ice creams are some of the difficult to avoid kind of foods when kids ask for them. These type of sugary and sticky foods, when combined with very poor oral hygiene leads to tooth decay (more)

How carbonated drinks and juice affects children’s teeth?

July 10th,2018

Tooth decay is a universal dental health issue affecting all children. One of the most common effects of tooth decay is food habits. Be it with sugary foods or juice contents, the probability of getting tooth decay is very high. So how does the soda in the carbonated drinks affect toddler’s teeth? Kids are often (more)

Healthy and Nutritious food recommendations for best oral health in children

July 5th,2018

Children are the future generation, and it’s the role of every parent to keep them hale and healthy. Oral health is a mirror that reflects our general physique. A healthy smile speaks a lot about the general well-being of a person. Diet and proper oral hygiene practices plays a major role in maintaining good oral (more)

A dentist or an Oral surgeon – when it comes to extractions

July 2nd,2018

Extraction of teeth is one thing which makes the patient apprehensive. They do not like the thought of losing a tooth. So it’s not surprising when patients expect good hands for an extraction. Especially when it is an emergency procedure, patients do look out for the best surgeons.

Tooth ache – not necessarily it should be always cavities

June 27th,2018

There are several reasons when a patient looks for a dentist, but the core group of patients visit only when there is a tooth ache that is disturbing their routine. Usually tooth ache is not so easily bearable and said to be very severe, especially when there is an acute condition associated with it.

Symptoms which denotes a Jaw correction surgery or treatment

June 21st,2018

A beautiful face with a lovely smile is something which everybody craves for. A jaw bone surgery not only gives the beauty but also uplifts the confidence of the person. Skeletal growth discrepancies and minor dislocations cannot be corrected by braces alone. They will require a jaw correction surgery. This surgery will help the patient (more)

Some frequently asked questions about Root Canal Treatment

June 12th,2018

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure which is done to relieve pain in a tooth caused by decay or attrition or fracture. The procedure involves, removing the nerve supply of the tooth, irrigating and removing the microbial debris surrounding the region to the best and refilling the root canals with an inert filling material. Since (more)

Planning to do a Smile Makeover? – Some valuable tips

June 9th,2018

A beautiful smile leaves an everlasting impression. Anyone irrespective of their age group would love to wear an impressive smile. Smile is the only expression that is contagious, enjoyable and loved by everyone. Discolouration, broken tooth, small tipping of one or two teeth are few minor issues that can affect a person’s smile in a (more)

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