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lady scrapping tongue

Should You Clean Your Tongue Every Day?

Have you wondered why you experience bad breath even after brushing your teeth twice a day? That means something has been left unc...Read more

General Dentistry

women flossing teeth

Why should you floss your teeth before brushing?

Good oral hygiene has a vital role to play in the maintenance of oral health. Simple measures like brushing of teeth and flossing ...Read more

General Dentistry

oral care during ramadhan

Ramadhan Fasting & Oral Healthcare

Ramadhan Fasting & Oral Healthcare Wish you all the blessings for the holy month! Ramadhan festive celebrated with a month of ...Read more

General Dentistry

Dental Emergency During Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID19)

COVID-19 – Urgent dental emergency & treatment during Corona Virus Pandemic

Oris Dental Center Is Open For Any Dental Emergencies – Call us @ +97143809990   * Free Video Consultation For People Who H...Read more

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