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flossing teeth with braces

Flossing with Braces – is it right or wrong?

Flossing is a very simple procedure just like brushing your teeth. It can be done by all patients if educated properly. Brushing a...Read more

Brushing Techniques / Oral Hygiene / Orthodontics Treatment

Possible problems and outcome of an under-bite

Possible problems and outcome of an under-bite

However you take care of your teeth, there are certain genetically inherited dental problems, where nothing can be done to prevent...Read more

Dental / Orthodontics Treatment

Planning to do a Smile Makeover – Some valuable tips | Smile Makeover In Duabi

Planning to do a Smile Makeover? – Some valuable tips

A beautiful smile leaves an everlasting impression. Anyone irrespective of their age group would love to wear an impressive smile....Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry / Orthodontics Treatment / Smile Makeover

About Dental Braces | Orthodontics In Dubai

All about Braces

Teeth in a straight line are everyone’s dream. History says that humans liked straight teeth. We humans indeed made every attemp...Read more

Dental / Dental Braces / Orthodontics Treatment

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