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women enjoying dental treatment

Beautiful smiles for a lasting impression

Smile is a wonderful expression of happiness for a person and for the people around him. When a tooth is missing or broken, it is ...Read more

Dental / Oral Hygiene

Oral Surgery – A Better Understanding

Oral Surgery – A Better Understanding

When a dentist says that you will have to undergo a surgical removal of a tooth, most patients are taken back because the word sur...Read more

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Oral health Issue In Old Age | Dental Clinic In Dubai

3 Most Common Oral Health Issues in Old Age

Just like there are changes happening in our body in terms of growth from childhood to adulthood, they occur towards the old age a...Read more

Dental Implants / Oral Hygiene

How Energy Drinks Affect Your Oral Health

How Energy Drinks Affect Your Oral Health

Common all-pervading news is related to the effect of energy drinks on the oral health. When people look forward to given their ph...Read more

Oral Hygiene

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