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Cement or Screw Retained Restorations – a guide to choose between the two

Cement or Screw Retained Restorations – A guide to choose between the two

Missing a tooth is almost like missing your beautiful smile. Thanks to the restorations that comes in handy to restore the confide...Read more

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An Impressive Smile | Smile Makeover In Duabi

An impressive smile – makes your look complete

A confident healthy smile is an essential part of any human being. Dressing up beautifully, accessories that are worn to uplift th...Read more

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Who is a Dental Hygienist What Qualities do they Posses

Who is a Dental Hygienist? What Qualities do they Posses?

A dental office requires people who take care of routine activities that are in some cases over and above what a customer service ...Read more

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Teeth erosion by acidic food

Acid in food can erode your teeth

Many foods have moderate to high amount of acid content in them. Colas and other carbonated beverages top the list of foods that h...Read more

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