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women with missing teeth

Single dental implants for a missing tooth

A smile creates a beautiful face and a happy heart. Wearing our best smile is the universal language of expressing our love and ki...Read more

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Why implant supported dentures are worth consideration?

Why Implant Supported Dentures Are Worth Consideration?

Dentures are one of the few options for replacing multiple missing teeth. They are either removable or fixed and are used to repla...Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry / Dental Surgery / Teeth Replacement

Wisdom tooth extraction

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth in orthodontic treatment

Wisdom teeth are the set of last four teeth which erupts into our oral cavity at around 18-25 years of age. Lower jaw growth size ...Read more

Dental Surgery / Wisdom Teeth

A dentist or an Oral surgeon – when it comes to extractions

A dentist or an Oral surgeon – when it comes to extractions

Extraction of teeth is one thing which makes the patient apprehensive. They do not like the thought of losing a tooth. So it’s n...Read more

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