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Forget Smoking and prevent Oral cancer

Forget Smoking and prevent Oral cancer

Smoking is injurious to health, smoking kills, smoking causes cancer…..these are some common statements which we get to see ever...Read more

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Credentials To Observe Your Dentist | Dental Clinic In Dubai

8 Credentials to Observe in a Dentist you are Considering

We love keeping good oral health. We normally settle down for known dentists whom we have been consulting since childhood. The dyn...Read more

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Tooth Paste Massage Method | Tooth Cavity Protection

Cavity Protection with Toothpaste Massage Method

People who are more vulnerable to cavities are more than happy to get extra protection. A new method where toothpaste is used to m...Read more

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Mercury-free dentistry –Protection to the three

Mercury-free dentistry –Protection to the three

It all started in 2013 when a UN program on Environment program called UNEP decided to phase out mercury totally from every usage ...Read more

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